About Me

If you are a person who wants to know more about rubber plants Then this is a perfect blog created by me. BTW! I am thankful to you because of your interest to know more about me and this blog.

My Name is Ashvini Chauhan, and I am the author of this blog. I have completed my Master’s graduation and I am also a blogger who loves to write about various topics on the internet. Mostly my area of interest is around gardening and nature.

I have a passion for writing on the subject in which I am much interested. Nature and Plants always attract me. I am always around nature and fond of developed plants in my house both types of plants indoor and outdoor plants I am maintaining.

Based on my knowledge a personal experience what I have learned about rubber plants that everything I am going to share on this blog. I have covered articles about how to propagate rubber plants, how to water rubber plants, and where to keep these plants in your house or outside.

I have shared what are the advantages and disadvantages of rubber plants. How to protect your pets from this plant.

ashvini author rubber plant watering

People have so much confusion about caring for and watering rubber plants and they do not have an exact idea of what to do when rubber plants die or not surviving well or working well. In such a situation I have shared details and a guide on this blog on how you can solve it.

I am working on this blog to provide as many details as I know based on my experience which users want to know about rubber plants. There are so many websites on the internet I found but I can see there was a lack of information and no practical guide was there so made this blog to share knowledge with others who are potentially interested in rubber plants.

You can contact me using the contact page and also reach me via email. Please follow this plage to reach me about any of your queries.